Now, what do you think about programming as a job in 2020? it’s fantastic

What do you think about programming as a job in 2020?
What do you think about programming as a job in 2020?

Programming as a job

You are interested in becoming a programmer. Programming is becoming more and more popular day by day. People actually quit their jobs to become programmers. Isn’t the market too saturated now?
Getting programming functions has become more difficult, especially after increasing the number of coding interview tasks.

So Is programming still a good professional choice?
What do you think about programming as a job?

As much as I like a fun job, I don’t really think there’s a more fun job. Work with people to solve difficult problems. Programming a career is more interesting than a lot of alternatives. It will always be a new challenge, you are always learning new things, so if you are interested in this from this perspective, yes, it is great.

If you’re interested in making some money. There are some things to consider here. The career of software development is extremely high. You can earn a lot of money and you can get out directly from high school and make money. It’s possible?
But how to start? read this article. What’s the best language to learn programming in 2020?

It is not enough just to be a developer or programmer. You should learn how to market yourself, not only to increase your development skills but to learn how you can take advantage of this skill set. If you are a developer, you have the option of doing freelance work. And once you have that ability, you can also take it as an advisory role, come in companies and consult on best practices in software development.

You can create a business. Like Mark Zuckerberg. They started to create their own company, they wrote some code, they created something new, and they made a lot of money to do it. Don’t just think you should be a functional developer.

  • You will love this job. It’s a lot of fun. You can make good money. You can take these skills.
  • You can start an independent business.
  • You can start a business consultant.
  • You can go create books.
  • You can create video courses and tutorials.
  • You can create Video training.
  • Yous can sell products, software or services.

So you have to start thinking about programming as a job.

6 Reasons Why Programming Is The Best Job


The United States is moving in a global direction where a large proportion of remote programmers are working.

All you need to do your job as a programmer is the Internet and your laptop.

Increasing the number of remote programming functions. Remote jobs not only reduce employer costs but also attract talented developers.

As the race for developers intensifies, most, if not all, programming functions will become you have to start thinking about programming as a job.

Enjoy programming

Ask any programmer what they like about their work.
It’s a fun profession a lot writes many codes for free.
The best example
Lots of free open source codes.
This is proof that programmers are enjoying what they do.


According to reality, the country that pays the highest salaries of technology is the United States – the average salary of a developer in the United States is $ 108 thousand.

According to Payscale, the average salary of a software engineer in Switzerland is approaching $ 83,000 a year. The average salary of a developer in Norway is about $ 72,000. the average wage for a software engineer in Denmark is $ 70,000 a year.

For more detail Job Opportunities

Easy to learn

Anyone can be a programmer. If you can learn to use a database, and you can learn code.
Coding skills like any other skills. Like language learning, there are grammar and vocabulary to be acquired.
You don’t need to be the best to do most programming functions. Most coding functions require simple tasks that require basic logic and logic skills.

Learn for free

You can learn everything you need to get a job as a programmer for free.

According to the Stack Overflow Developer survey, more than a quarter of programmers do not have a college degree. It is not uncommon to find prominent professional developers who have not completed their studies.

You can find job

Whatever you want to do, you can do it with programming. Technology is the core element of almost every institution in the world today.
Once you become a skilled programmer, you can choose to work in almost any industry you find interesting. Programming opens up more opportunities than any other job.

Programming, good profession.

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